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What is the difference between a Japanese cocktail shaker and a European cocktail shaker? 2019-09-05

What is the difference between a Japanese cocktail shaker and a European cocktail shaker?

There are two main types of shakers: the cobbler shaker and the Boston shaker, the European-style bartender and the American bartender (Boston bartender). This should be what the landlord is referring to. Japanese-style bartending is based on English-style bartending, so there is no such thing as a Japanese-style bartender and a Japanese-style bartender (in the world). In addition to these two kinds of French bartenders, penguin pot penguins, bullet pots, zeppelins airships and so on.

European (English) style bartender. The more common bartenders in the bar, three-body, smaller, easy to operate. Off-topic is usually recommended to add material and shake until the jug is frosted, 15s-20s. Because of the filter layer, the speed of pouring the wine will be relatively slow, and this is one of the main differences with the Boston pot. Compared with the Boston jug, the capacity is a bruise of the British bartender, and it is also difficult to clean and difficult to reuse. This is a limitation for bars that need to be quickly produced.

Boston pot

There is a shaker and a glass with a kettle, etc. After shaking and then usually using an ice filter to pour the wine out. The difference between a Boston pot and a British style pot is: big, So when you need to make a quick release, such as three or four glasses of wine at a time, you will use the Boston pot. In addition, it is also used when making fresh fruit for wine, because of its large capacity As shaking the Boston, making sure that the glass is always at the high end. In addition to the matching glass, the individual feels that because the air enters more, the shaken body is softer. Many bartenders will use other cups that can be combined with the pot, and don't panic after seeing it.

Other shakers:

The pitcher shaker pitcher is the meaning of the jar. Look at the picture and you will know what the name means. The capacity is large, you can directly put a can on the guest table, and give it to everyone. It’s hard to shake handsome.

French shaker two parts, similar to the Boston pot principle, there are wood on the tall



and also……

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