• Tenth beer glass:Dark beer mug
    Tenth beer glass:Dark beer mug 2019-12-31
    It is really impossible to find a picture similar to the above style. You can only find a real scene picture. This mushroom cloud-like wine glass is generally only suitable for German lower-fermented dark beer. The audience is small. The wide top is actually a design that is very easy to hold, and the thin design at the bottom allows you to observe the color of the dark beer itself, while the wide...
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  • The ninth beer glass:Wheat beer mug
    The ninth beer glass:Wheat beer mug 2019-12-31
    The wheat mug is a beer mug that belongs to the style of German wheat beer. Its shape is close to the shape of wheat. It is slender, narrow at the bottom, wide at the head, and the opening is closed. It is to keep more foam on it and to retain the fruity aroma unique to wheat beer. Do n’t think that this cup is designed for this purpose, if you try it yourself, you know. You can drink beer in this...
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  • Eighth beer mug:Straight Mug
    Eighth beer mug:Straight Mug 2019-12-31
    This is a very traditional German-style straight mug, which is basically thin and long. It is cylindrical and used to hold fermented beer thoroughly. This kind of mug can observe the surge of air bubbles in the beer and it is also more delicious to drink. carefree. This kind of cup is generally suitable for Czech Pilsen beer, German fermented beer, of course, there are some wines that can observe ...
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  • The seventh beer glass:Open Tulip Cup
    The seventh beer glass:Open Tulip Cup 2019-12-31
    Another type of tulip cup that is open to the outside is also more common. It also emphasizes the performance of foam based on the characteristics of the tulip cup, so the opening is opened so that more foam is reflected. The basic suitable for this type of beer glass is the same as the tulip glass. Some more emphasis on foam, such as American light color Air, Belgian strong air, dark air, Flander...
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  • Sixth beer mug:Tulip Cup
    Sixth beer mug:Tulip Cup 2019-12-31
    This kind of cup is also very common in our home. Generally, it is used to drink brandy. It generally has the characteristics of a flat bottom, a narrow neck, a shallow glass, and a thicker neck. This cup is used for beer. It is to capture the aroma of the wine itself, so that these tastes stay in the smaller glass mouth. When drinking, our nose will touch the highest density scent in the glass, a...
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  • Fifth beer glass:Pint Cup
    Fifth beer glass:Pint Cup 2019-12-31
    Pint cups are generally cylindrical in shape with mild vertebral body characteristics. The mouth of the cup is slightly larger. There is a circle of protrusions near the mouth of the cup, which is easy to grasp, and the protrusions can help foam and the wine itself. The smell stays longer. Pint glasses are generally suitable for English-style beer, whether it is English-style light-colored ale, br...
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  • Fourth beer mug:Pearson Cup
    Fourth beer mug:Pearson Cup 2019-12-31
    The glass of a beer glass cannot be separated from Pilsen beer. Because the golden body of Pilson beer is best reflected in a glass, the shape of this glass is also suitable for drinking beer. After the American Pearson beer mug was carried forward, its variant finally entered the world, and this Pilson mug became the most widely used beer mug after the draft beer mug. It is usually thin and long,...
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  • The third beer glass:Draft beer mug
    The third beer glass:Draft beer mug 2019-12-31
    Draft beer mugs are our most commonly used. The beer mugs used in domestic restaurants are also of this type. They are generally large, thick, heavy, and cups with handles. No matter what shape and capacity, they are strong and easy to touch. Holding it by hand for a long time also does not affect the low temperature of beer because of the thicker wall of the glass, which is suitable for smooth dr...
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  • Second beer mug:Holy Grail (Goblet of Fire)
    Second beer mug:Holy Grail (Goblet of Fire) 2019-12-31
    Such cups generally have several characteristics, such as large openings, shallow depths, wide flat bottoms, and thick cup walls, and then there is a slender neck below, which looks very majestic. It is used to hold holy water, so some people call it "flame cup", and many holy cups are inlaid with a metal edge around the mouth of the cup. The sound is very nice when touching the cup. A cup shaped ...
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