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What is the significance of 520? What is the significance of 520? May 20, 2019
Today is 5,20, May the 20th. May 20 is China’s second unofficial Valentine’s Day after the Western holiday. It may seem like a normal day for you, but for others, especially in China, it’s a day of love.Yes, It also is a Confession Day. The numbers ‘520’ are used to express ’I love you,' as the pronunciation of the two phrases is similar in Chinese. So today has been given a romantic meaning. During this lovely day, couples go on a date or spend time together. Surprisingly, many couples gather at civil affairs to get their marriage certificates and the waiting queue is about 100 meters long. Have a nice day full of 520 and love! Don’t forget to share your love as much as you can: today and everyday by using 520, the Chinese love word perfect for today!

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